We are SeoAltitude a digital agency specialising in SEO

Our Focus

To help old and new business's expand using online presence and marketing techniques.


You can expect a return on investment with SEO as the majority of all business's see a dramatic rise in sales or profit
SEO is vital for business, Online presence is crucial.

We can show you lots of companies we have ranked if you wish in a meeting or consultation. Our rates and charges are based on the difficulty and amount of keywords you wish to rank for. We will review what you wish to achieve and create a fair quote or monthly agreement depending on the package. SEO requires effort and patience and money for tools and research, its extremely beneficial to business with business’s seeing a rise in traffic and an increase in sales, customers and profit.

  • 94% of online experiences start with a search engine.

    Theres no point having a website if people can find you on search engines.

  • Google receives 92% of all search engine traffic.

    Google is the king of search engines

  • 93% of users who research on a mobile device go on to make a purchase.

    The world of mobile is forever growing, its vital your site is optimised for this and findable on search engines.

  • 80% of users do not navigate off the 1st page of Google.

    You may already be ranking but not being on page one means your loosing a serious amount of traffic. We will get you there.

Other Services

We also provide other services as well as our specialist SEO
Web Design
We also provide web design for any size budget and business.
We provide excellent web design services for our clients and customers as well. Whether your looking for a new site or an upgrade we can help here at SEOAltitude, SEO and web design go hand in hand together, a lot of website features contribute to your ranking factor.
Social Media
Social media is forever expanding, it plays a large role in digital marketing and is a great way to find new customers and engage with them.
As well as getting you on a search engine like google, we can take control of your social media channels to help you discover new leads and expand your business even more.
Digital Marketing
We also provide lots of other digital marketing methods.
Email marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click, advertisement and blogging. We also provide designs for your brand for things like business cards, banners and flyers.